Verified Cooling Performance with Data Center CFD Analysis

Creating the difference with Simulations and Analysis

With the simulation and analysis studies, we can answer the test and verification requests of the sector. 


Fire Simulations

Indoor Fire Scenario Simulations

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Building Wind Analysis

Wind Effect Analysis on Building Facade

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Indoor Air Conditioning Analysis

The Analysis of Indoor Air Conditioning Systems

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Tunnel Ventilation Calculations

Ventilation analysis of Highway and Railway Tunnels

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Yapısal Analizler

Yapısal Analizler Açıklaması

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Data Center Analysis

Data Center Air Conditioning Analysis

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About CFD Engineering

CFD Engineering, established in 2015, is a consultancy company, who serves especially with Computational Fluid Dynamics software mostly in Climatization sector. 

CFD Engineering prepares advanced engineering test and simulation reports with the help of up-to-date engineering software. The company can simulate equipment performance and/or situation based on scenarios.  

The references can be achieved from the related link of the web site.


CFD Engineering was in Road & Tunnel Exhibition...

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CFD Engineering increased computer capacity

CFD Engineering increased the computer capacity to serve faster & precise analyses.